Pre-CES: LG announces 55" OLED television

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Organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays have been around for a few years and offer stunning visuals but have been constrained to smaller cellphone sizes. This very respectable 55" OLED promises to be a real stunner. One aspect of this technology is how small the technical underpinnings are allowing for incredibly thin executions. We are talking about a 55 inch television that is a 1/6th of an inch deep and weights 16.5 pounds.

This type of OLED technology has a refresh rate a 1,000 times greater than most plasmas and LCDs. And a contrast level of 100,000,000:1 that results in deep, dark blacks and very vibrant colors. The bad news is there really isn't a lot of original content or distribution solutions that support this level of quality. That will need to mature over the coming years.

While the technology is maturing, this calendar year we'll be looking at smaller executions in the 30" or less category and even those will be retailing in the high four-digits! We'll get a better sense of timing and the commercial roadmap of this technology at the show next week. We expect "incredible resolutions and visual clarity" to be a hot topic at the show.

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