CES 2012: Withings Weighs in on Babies!

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You've heard be talk about the Withings Wi-Fi scale and how it will monitor your daily weigh-ins and will even post the results to their central online service for tracking your weight discretely. OR it can automatically post it to Facebook or Twitter if you are so inclined.

I really love the device for its simple elegance of execution. It is smart. Smart devices always impress me. You can create multiple profiles for everyone in the family and hen you stand on the device, it even figures out which member of the family is standing on it and posts the results to that individuals history. All of this is done wirelesses...no fuss!

Well, Withings is introducing another scale. This one is the Withings Smart Baby Scale and it is compatible with the WiScale app already available for the original scale. The babies weight is automatically recorded the same as the original version and features the ability to monitor the weigh-ins via the app, emailed to a preset list of recipients or posted to Facebook and/or Twitter to keep doctors, friends or family up to date with baby's progress.

You can remove the basket as the infant grows into a toddler for extended use. And think of all that blackmail material you will have when junior grows up! Priceless ;-)

Look for the scale to be available by June 2012 and the app is free on iTunes.

You can check out the other great Health 2.0 products from Withings including the Withings Wi-Fi Scale and Blood Pressure Monitor already available on Amazon...

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