Wireless Smart Pen Writes to the Cloud!

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What about a pen and pad that remembers everything you write. What if while you are writing these notes it is also recording what is said and you can go back to what was say moments before you wrote the note?

That would be really nice huh?

Well in this era of tablets and smartphones, I still find that writing and accessing my notes in a written form is still quite productive and easy to find. So for a few years now I have extolled the benefits of the Livescribe smart pen.

One issue with the Livescribe is that I had to dock it with my computer (only one computer) and transfer the information. I could then sync it to an internet cloud note-taking solution like Evernote. I could go weeks between syncs and sometimes be in need of what I had jotted down but it hadn't made it to the cloud yet!

Answer solved: Livescribe Sky is a new version that has wi-fi built into the pen itself. And now I can send my notes directly to Evernote. This is exactly what I needed.

Now if you already have the Livescribe and a good routine of syncing with your computer...this might not be that worthwhile of an upgrade. But for the organizationally challenged like myself, this makes my life that much more better. Well worth the $170 for the 2 gigabyte version or $190'ish for the 4 gigabyte edition. The 2 gigabyte affords you about 200 hours of recording time and when combined with regular syncing...is probably good for most people.

Note: Livescribe requires you to write on special paper. You can order special pads to write on or print your own micro-dot paper.

I really like this solution and use it even though I also will carry an iPad or Macbook Air to a meeting.


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