2011 Holiday Gift Lists With Some Nielsen's Research Help!

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This website is all about "great products" that can be turned into "great gifts". The past few months I have been posting each week some of the cool new products as they come to market. Be sure to check out Wouldntmind.com for a complete line up of reviews and product evaluations.

Recently I also compiled a couple lists of great gifts of Him and Her as well as a list for the Little Boys and Girls.

Be sure to check these write-up for great suggestions on product people Wouldn't Mind getting.

I have also mentioned Nielson's research on popular items on kids and adults minds. Check out the Nielsen's report here.

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Jawbone picks you UP

On Wednesday, November 9, 2011 0 comments

Those very clever people over at Jawbone have jumped out of their Bluetooth roots and moved into the health and fitness lifestyle tech world. I have previously covered products like the FitBit Ultra and have an interest in technology that is suppose to improve our lives.

Well the new Jawbone Up is the latest in an effort to help me sleep better, eat wiser and be more active.  Everyone knows I could use that!

This $99 sweat-proof, rubberized wristband can be worn all-day and night. It tracks your movements and also includes an iPhone app that allows you to log your activities and sync with the Up wristband via a headphone adaptor built into the strap. Not wirelessly?

The strap has a 10-day battery life and is currently available in Red, Black and White with four more colors coming soon.

I will do a full write-up once I get a chance to play with this for awhile.

Other fitness tech in this category or on the horizon includes;
Motorola Motoactv

Philips DirectLife
Basis Watch
iPod Nano w/pedometer and Nike interface