Pre-CES: Vizio's next big thing...computers?

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Vizio who is well known for creating competitively priced, full-featured televisions is now targeting the PC market. This is a very interesting move considerings that many manufacturers have been phasing out. And consistent with their normal business practices, the focus will be on pricing and solid feature sets.

Expect to see at next week's CES the introduction of 24 and 27 inch all-in-one desktop computers, a standard 15.6 inch notebook and two ultralight models (14 and 15 inch). Ultralight laptops and all-in-one PCs are proving to be hot categories at this year's show. These computers are designed to feed audio and video to their Vizio television counterparts and will feature a Windows-based operating system.

This entry into the PC market-space will put a great deal of pressure on Hewlett-Packard who has clearly been one of the stronger "value price" manufacturers in the PC space. Vizio is very comfortable operating in these hot "head-to-head" competitive marketplaces. Their battles with Samsung for market leader in the TV space is well documented.

We'll be sure to get more details next week from Vizio and how their products will differ from competitive offerings.

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