CES 2012: Panasonic line-up and the "Year of 3D Content"

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Panasonic spent a great deal of time talking about their infrastructure and technology projects that span well beyond our focus of consumer products. But there were several key product discussed that are very interesting.

The year of 3D Content
Panasonic highlighted the importance of 3D and the rapid adoption of 3D televisions. While all manufactures are pointing out that people are transitioning to 3D faster than they did High-Def...don't let a good story get in the way...the truth is the manufacturers are more rapidly offering the 3D on a greater percentage of the pricing chain. Especially since they are looking for selling propositions to drive TV sales in a flat segment of the marketplace and in the introduction of some low price competitors namely Vizio.

The other area of import for all the 3D television manufacturers is the lack of content. This is an area that all manufactures are getting out of the shells and trying to partner or drive additional channels of 3D content.

90% of Panasonic's plasma televisions. 40% of their LCDs and 4 out of 6 BluRay players will feature 3D capabilities.

3D was clearly the focus and Panasonic demonstrated their HDC-Z10000 3D camcorder that will retail for over $3,000! But that product is really geared for the up and coming film makers that I am sure you all will become. The exciting first's is that this camcorder is Broadcast quality and has a very short focal range for offering 3D. You can focus on objects only 18 inches in front of the 3D lenses.

Home Theater
Already talked about the importance of 3D for Panasonic but let's look at the televisions...
In 2012, Panasonic will continue to push plasma technology with three product lines; GT, VT and ST. They will have two product lines of LCD televisions; WT and DT. More specific details as we can checkout the booth tomorrow.

The big news in the television line-up is the evolution of Panasonic's internet connected services that includes Skype functionality and some exclusive applications including Flixter, a new interactive children's book series in partnership with Disney and a Miramax movie app. The televisions appear to be gaining enough processing power to finally multitask some of the apps in concern with your TV viewing.

On top of that, the team from the original social network, MySpace announced a social platform on Panasonic televisions called MySpaceTV that allows you to dialog and share content with your friends on and off the television. Imagine chatting with your friends while watching your favorite show or sporting event. Or the ability to track what shows are more popular to your friends.

Panasonic is taking their Toughbook rugged notebook strategy and applying it to the tablet marketplace with a Toughbook Android Tablet. It is so tough, they actually dropped it during the demo today and it really looked like it was unplanned.

We'll definitely get more details at the show and will update as more information becomes available.

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