CES 2012: LG's Home Appliances Work and Play Together

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LG is looking to take a leadership position across the home appliances market-place similar to their current leadership in the front-loading clothes washer segment which they have held for the past 4-years.
Washer and Dryers
To maintain their competitive edge, LG is introducing their fastest and largest capacity washing machine. The washer has a more streamlined user interface and includes a smartphone application to notify of simple problems like leaving the door ajar. And might I say, it is a pretty mean looking machine.

LG introduced it's largest capacity french-door refrigerator at 31 cubic feet of storage. No only does this refrigerator feature a nice contemporary look but also contains some very state of the art features.

The appliance is smart, like all the LG home appliances and tracks what it's contents. And using the your smartphone you can make a grocery shopping list, scan your grocery receipts to automatically add items purchased to refrigerator inventory and even purchase items right on the display. The app will allow you to see what is in your fridge and what needs replacing while you are shopping.

Take recipes found on the fridge and send them to your LG oven

Another innovative feature is the Blast Chiller that will quickly cool two cans of soda or beer in just 5 minutes or a bottle of wine in 8 minutes. It is accomplished this through a controlled, circular chilled airflow.

Smart ThinQ
All these devices are functioning across the LG Smart ThinQ network to allow these and future capabilities.

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