CES 2012: Lenovo's Google but not Google TV Television

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Lenovo, the Chinese manufacturer that use to create the IBM computer line let us have a hands-on demo of their forthcoming 55-inch IPS 3D LCD television running Google's Android (a first!) Instead of using Google's TV operating system, Lenovo has created a full-blown Android device running Google's Ice Cream Sandwich OS originally designed for tablets and smartphones. The television comes with over 100 applications, an Apps store and cloud services offering a wide range of media consuming options. The TV promises voice controls and a 5 megapixel webcam.

This appears to be a rather robust platform for a television with a full range of potential capabilities. The trick will be how much they can fine-tune and simplify the user experience for a regular TV consumer. The television comes with two remotes for someone to lose under a couch cushion. One features a traditional clicker-style and the other has a touch surface to navigate the tablet-like interface.

The TV is targeting the Chinese-maker but seems to have some unique aspects that could make US consumers jealous!

More on this as details are release.

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