CES 2012: LG's Big Home Theater News

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84" 3D display at the LG CES 2012 Press Conference (as seen through the glasses)

LG opens up the first presentation of CES 2012, Wayne Park President and CEO of LG Electronics USA walks the packed crowd of press and analysts through the past year and introduces a wave of presenters to cover all through all the product categories. One business note worth mentioning is that LG USA grew 8% last year even in this challenging economy.

Home Entertainment

LG is focused on larger display sizes this coming year including 55, 60, 72 and 84 inch varieties. The 84"  includes an Ultra Definition with is equal to 4 x 42" high-definition televisions.

Core to much of LG's television line relies on a Nano Full LED (every pixel has its own small LED light source) and Cinema Screen design that enables these displays to approach nearly edge-to-edge display. 2012 models have a 1mm bezel and 28mm depth.

In an effort to push the capabilities beyond traditional internet/smart televisions, LG has developed their own high-performance L9 chipset that features a multi-core CPU/GPU (the brain and graphics technologies) to enable faster innovation on their solutions.

Magic Remote introduced last year has been highly successful and this year the new models go beyond just pointing by adding a wheel, pattern gesture (moving the wand around like a Nintendo Wii remote) and voice recognition for text input capabilities. And with an additional camera technology similar to the Microsoft Kinect, LG TVs will have an additional 3D Gesture Interface your body movements will control aspects of the user experience.

LG has also advanced their Smart Share Plus network technology inside of their home entertainment products by including a network file browser, wi-fi screen share for mobile devices, 2nd display configurations, MHL Mobile HD Link between devices and support for WiDi from Intel that allows WiDi-enabled laptops to share their content wireless on the TV.

With regards to 3D capabilities, LG was pretty much the lone voice last year talking about passive 3D glasses versus the active glasses. Passive glasses are similar to those you get when you go to a 3D movie at the theaters. Active glasses run on batteries and had a very fast flicker shutter that controlled the 3D affect. The passive glasses are lighter, don't require charging and are far more inexpensive. LG's predictions have proven correct and consumer trends are moving toward the passive solutions.

LG also announced their support for Google TV and in 2012 there will be two televisions that support those capabilities.

We also received a preview of future technologies with a look at the largest OLED at the show. LG's 55 inch creates stunning imagery and is a peek at where the world is going in the coming few years.

LG has demoed a glasses-free 3D display for personal experiences on smaller devices. This is definitely an area that many are pursuing to remove the glasses from the equation as some point once that technology evolves over the next decade.

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