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I am pretty excited about the forthcoming Pogo Connect stylus for iPad and iPhone. While there has been a slew of stylus'...none have really excited me. After using each of them, I was largely disappointed. Granted I am not an artist but I just felt like I was squishing a rubber or felt nub around to get some dimensionality into whatever I tried to sketch.

The good news is that there is a new set of solutions on the horizon that offer a path to provide greater control over the sensitivity and tactile nature of using a stylus on a tablet. Ten One Design (the makers of the basic but popular Pogo Sketch) is about to launch a Bluetooth 4.0, pressure sensitive stylus that communicates the pressure of the pen to the application wirelessly on the iOS device.

Artists have enjoyed this capability with some high-end graphics tablets and will surely enjoy this advancement but for me the best benefit of this type of solution is that the application can ignore all touch inputs except for the pen. If you have used a stylus to take notes on a multi-touch tablet, you probably have had the experience of your wrist touching the display and drawing something on the screen. This stylus can address this and turn note-taking into a joy.

I am really looking forward to this and some other intelligent stylus solutions to see how my tablet experience evolves. I will let you know when the price and availability is announced shortly.

Below is a video quickly highlighting the Pogo Connect's sensitivity at play...

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