Apple will have two big introductions this fall - 2012

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Walt Mossberg's confirms there will be two separate Apple product introductions this fall. The iPhone 5 in September and the iPad Mini in October.

I had previously mentioned in my Exciting Products Yet To Launch This Fall 2012 piece a couple weeks ago that they would both be at the September 12 media event.

Instead Apple will focus consumers on the smartphone at the September 12th event before rolling out the smaller (7") iTablet during the iPod refresh event. And while nothing is certain until the events, even the iPad Mini name is sounding more and more like it is a keeper.

Personally, I am due for an upgrade and am looking forward to the iPhone 5 introduction as I am still toting around a iPhone 4...never justifying the 4s upgrade. I'm certain the 5 will be a solid improvement over my current iPhone. As for the new, smaller iPad...I'm on the fence. Truth be told, like I have mentioned in past articles, I am almost preferring my Macbook Air on many occasions...where the iPad is really just my surfing, media consumption and games platform. Any content generation is largely left to my laptop.

But you never know what Apple might have up their sleeve with these introductions??? More as information comes available.

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