Jawbone Icon HD + The Nerd Bluetooth Headset leads the pack...

On Monday, September 26, 2011 1 comments

Jawbone Icon HD Bluetooth Headset + The Nerd USB PC Link
I've owned three different generations of Jawbone Bluetooth headsets. All have been the best-in-class at their respective time in the marketplace. The latest is part of a very cool bundle called Icon HD + The Nerd. Icon HD is their latest edition headset and features the new Noise Assassin 2.5 (their highly effective wind/noise cancellation solution).

The Icon HD can also link with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. This allows for the seamless transition from your phone call to another device such as a Skype call on your PC. This feature allows you to easy switch between the two devices without disconnecting from one device or another.

The Nerd feature is a USB plug that makes it easy to link the Icon HD to your PC or Mac for easy pairing. If you have paired your Bluetooth headset to a PC, you know it is a cumbersome sequence of events that is not always reliable. This simple USB dongle does it all for you!

The Icon HD + The Nerd is a great combo set and I can highly recommend!



SopiCliffe said...

I just got my hands on the Jawbone Prime actually (my first dabble into bluetooth headsets!). There aren't too many places that sell them in the UK anymore so I went through these guys. I have to say it’s a pretty nice piece of kit. The design is pretty classy and I love the noise cancellation.

I might upgrade to the Icon at some point though, as my daughter has her eye on this one lol... I’m wondering if it really is a step up from the Prime or if I should just stick to what I know...

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