Apple, Tim Cook and iPhone on stage October 4th

On Wednesday, September 21, 2011 0 comments

The crew over at Walt Mossberg's are reporting that Apple will hold their fall product presentation on Tuesday, October 4th. At this event we are expecting the introduction of the iPhone 5.

Speculation of what will be in the iPhone and it's overall design are still ranging from an iPhone 4 update to an all-new design. There is much more leaked information on an update to the iPhone 4 platform but the thoughts here is that this will be the for cost sensitive markets like China.

Specific to the iPhone 5. Best guess is that it will feature a larger retina (high resolution) display and an improved camera and lighting solution.

Also at the event will be the fall update on Apple's iPod line-up. The products will get slight tweaks but nothing earth-shattering is expected. A white version of the iPod Touch and some minor tweaks to the Nano. There has been rumors to the affect of a 3G connected iPod Touch but that hasn't gained any momentum with any leaked component information.

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