Fisker Karma Becoming More Real

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Fisker Karma

Fisker has just received EPA certification for their first car…the Karma which opens the doors (no pun intended) for the company to begin selling their cars. The Karma represents the first premium plug-in hybrid sedan. This $95,000 luxury sedan offers the option to toggle between an all-electric Stealth mode or fuel assisted Sport mode that leverages both the electric and 2.0 liter gasoline engine for a combined 403 horsepower.

The results is a car that gets up to 125 mph and 0-60 in 5.9 seconds. In Stealth mode the Karma can top out at 95 mph and 0-60 in 7.9 seconds. While Fisker had hoped for a better EPA rating, they squeaked out only a 32 mile range on battery only. To put that in perspective though, the average 40-mile commute each day with a fully charged battery each day will only need to visit a gas station every 1,000 miles and only use 9 gallons of gas a month!

Henrik Fisker is an accomplished automotive designer based on his work at BMW and most recently at Aston Martin. Fisker received a $529 million direct loan from the US government in 2010. The company has setup a 700 employee headquarters in Irvine, California and is getting some slack for manufacturing this first car out of Finland but already has plans to build future cars in the recently closed General Motors factory in Delaware. Henrik Fisker says that the government monies are being exclusively used in the US.

The goal of the company was to create an all-new car company from the ground up breaking all the old-school processes and rules that in theory has hinder the automotive industry from maturing and leveraging new technologies quicker.

Check out some footage from this pretty impressive first offering...



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