Former HP Global Gaming Head Rahul Sood Talks About Acquisitions, Brands, And Palm

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In follow up to my Wouldn't Mind This piece on tablet's a piece from the team over at Techcrunch where they interview Former HP Global Gaming Head Rahul Sood about HP's acquisitions, brands and Palm.


Curious to find out the possible thinking behind HP’s recent actions, we began to look at the parallels in past behavior by tech giant HP. The most interesting example comes from VoodooPC, one of the first high-end gaming PCs for the mass market. Led by Rahul Sood, HP bought VoodooPC in 2006 and the last product to come out of that branch was launched in 2009.
In short, we wanted to know if HP really was where good ideas go to die.
 You can read my piece on the overall state of tablet offerings at WouldntMindThis

No idea why someone would buy any tablet other than an iPad!



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